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Municipal Court

Municipal court matters range from traffic and motor vehicle tickets to “offenses,” which are defined in our Criminal Code. Offenses in Municipal Court can carry serious consequences such as heavy fines, DMV points, insurance surcharges, possible license loss, license suspension, and possible jail sentences.  Hence, while they are only considered “offenses” in New Jersey (as opposed to crimes/felonies), they are afforded the same protections as a criminal matter is.  This means that there is a presumption of innocence and the state must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.  It also entitles the defendant other constitutional protections afforded to persons charged with crimes.

We know how the police operate, how investigations are conducted, and how to best defend against complaints and tickets filed against our clients.

This intimate and unique knowledge, combined with our trial skills enables Manos Law Firm the ability to deliver excellent representation to our municipal court clients.

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